Auto Repair Services

No Appointment Necessary

We understand that you lead a busy life. From long hours at work to spending time with your family, it’s difficult to find a spare moment for much else. Therefore, it’s not altogether too surprising that so many drivers fall behind on their Vehicle’s routine maintenance. To make your life a bit easier, Bill's Muffler & Brake Center is excited to inform you that you never need to make an appointment when you’re in need of repairs. Just call or stop by whenever you have the time!


Quiet the Noise

If you are tired of driving a vehicle that alerts people of your arrival 5 minutes before you arrive, visit Bill's Muffler Center today to have your exhaust and muffler inspected. A new exhaust system can increase your gas mileage and vehicle performance.

Look for the Signs

Seeing more smoke out of the tailpipe or maybe a different color smoke? Noticing a bad smell or reduced engine power? All these can be signs something is wrong with the exhaust system. Bring your car, truck or van in to Bill's before the problem turns into a major repair. Whether your vehicle is foreign or domestic, car, truck or motor home, our mechanics are experts with exhaust systems.

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Brakes & Brake Pads

Safe & Secure

Your brake system is an important element in your car's safe and efficient operation. Ensuring your brakes are properly cared for not only keeps you and your passengers safe, but others on the road as well. Bill's Muffler & Brake Center is here to take care of all of your brake needs with preventative maintenance and new brake services.

Sqeaking Brakes

You know it's time to get your brakes checked when they start to squeak. Let our experienced mechanics at Bill's make sure that your car, truck or van is safe for the road. Our friendly mechanics are perfectly equipped to carry out brake repair or installations.

Battery Replacement

One Stop Shop

Rely on Bill's Muffler & Brake for new Deka Batteries and installation. The Deka battery is designed to deliver superior cranking power, unrivaled cycling life, and a faster recharge rate than any other high-performance AGM battery on the marketplace today.

Warning Lights

If you have warning lights on your dashboard checkout how to identify them in our online guide.

Engine Repair

In Good Hands

No matter what type of engine problem you're facing, the mechanics at Bill's Muffler & Brake Center can help. Our mechanics work on import and domestic vehicles. Our shop has 5 bays to take 5 vehicles at the same time so you get back on the road in no time.

Quality Repairs

If your engine is struggling to run, your whole vehicle suffers. When it's time for an engine repair, you can trust the professional team at Bill's Muffler & Brake Center to repair your car, truck or van with quality workmanship. Don't just take your engine repair to any shop. Bring it to us for expert diagnostic services.


Your Backup Plan

Bill's Muffler & Brake partners with Nascar Towing in Duluth to get your stalled vehicle into our shop. From auto recovery to motorcycle breakdowns, our team can handle all of your towing service needs with confidence. Nascar Towing is available 24 hours a day.

• Jump start your battery
• Lockout recovery
• Flat tire assistance
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